I am the founder of a software development company in Sausalito, California. David Peteler has been my attorney since 2013. In less than two years, David has helped me and my company structure and close two rounds of financing; deal with problems in our overseas subsidiary; develop our SaaS client contracts; revise our capital structure; establish an employee compensation program; and bring in a new key executive. I rely on David for strategic advice and implementation.

Stuart Jacobson, President
Biome Analytics, Inc.

am one of the founders and the former CFO of an environmental media company, located in Los Angeles. David Peteler was our corporate and finance attorney for a number of years.  During that time, the company grew and David helped us structure and implement several rounds of equity and convertible debt financing totaling in excess of $20,000,000. David also served the critical and sensitive management of our employment contracts, executive compensation, and many other general corporate matters. When it came time to sell the company, David negotiated and closed the sale of our company to a publicly-traded media company, on terms and at a price that were very good for the time.

Since then, through my consulting firm, I’ve had the opportunity to serve in contract CFO roles for numerous companies over the past several years. I’ve recommended David to serve as corporate counsel for a number of these companies, particular where there is capital structuring and financings involved.  David is on my short-list of “go to” corporate attorneys.

Steven Michael Ehlinger II
Integrated Management Consulting

David Peteler has been my corporate attorney for almost ten years. We met through unusual circumstances, but as a result of those circumstances I knew he would share many of my personal values and help me to shape the culture of the company I had decided to grow after almost fifteen years of sole proprietorship. To be sure, many clients found it odd that a company domiciled in Alaska would be represented by an attorney based in California and Minnesota, but I was quicker to realize that as such he was an unknown commodity to them, which worked tremendously to my advantage.

Shortly after incorporation, my company crew 300% during each of the next three years. To say this was stressful would be an understatement. Soon, instead of simple operations in one state, I had employees telecommuting from eight different states plus two storefront offices within Alaska. Major IT platform development occurred to support this new endeavor, requiring special legal considerations. David rose to each new legal challenge which presented itself and guided me through a myriad of personnel, corporate, contractual, lease, insurance, major equipment and a corporate asset acquisitions, and employee benefit issues with a patient but firm hand.

About three years into the expansion, a former easy to work with junior mining client was acquired by a major conglomerate who decided they should dictate to their consultants how and what work they would do – while simultaneously increasing our legal obligations and exposure. David easily out- maneuvered their corporate lawyers on a multitude of technical issues – helping me to stand my ground and preserve the regulatory integrity of the work my team was performing. I lovingly refer to him as my well-trained pit bull. Sweet, efficient, and ever so easy to work with until you give him a reason to be otherwise!

I really can’t emphasize enough how versatile of an attorney David has been. It would take dozens of pages to summarize all the different types of transactions David has overseen as my corporate counsel. So instead I shall just offer my contact information (email cmoody@3PPI.net, cell 928.300.5368) and my promise of a quick response should you wish to further discuss his specific aptitudes for your legal needs. I look forward to hearing from you.

Cheryl Moody, President/CEO Professional Wetland Scientist No. 310
Three Parameters Plus, Inc.

I have known David Peteler since the 1980s, when we worked together on an asset buyout of a division of a computer hardware company in bankruptcy.  Since then I have been a founder of three other companies, and have used David as my corporate and finance attorney.  David has helped me raise over $10,000,000 in the last three years in one of my companies. I would recommend David as a corporate and finance attorney for start-ups and expanding businesses. 

Todd Kesselman, Founder
ICG, Inc. / Radical Beauty International, Inc.