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Jan 2017

Financing Your Company

Six Key Issues from a Lawyer’s Perspective David Peteler, Peteler Law Office Early stage businesses need financing to grow and succeed. Depending on your stage of development, you may be looking for “friends and family” financing, an Angel round, or a Series A round. While these different types if investors have their own investment requirements, once investors are interested in your company, they will want…

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Aug 2016

Nine Steps to a Successful Business Sale

By David Kern Peteler Peteler Law Office ou’ve spent years building a profitable business. What’s your next step? Are you considering selling your business? You might be thinking, “Sell my business? I know how to sell my product, but have no idea how to sell my business.” Estimates are that 70% of privately owned businesses on the market don’t sell, particularly businesses valued at less than…

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